over 50 years of experience
Alaska Testlab is the best choice for construction materials testing and inspection.


Alaska Testlab celebrates over 55 years of construction experience across the state of Alaska. Formed as a testing lab in 1962, Alaska Testlab expanded to include special inspection services during the 1980s.  Alaska Testlab was purchased in 1973 by Dickenson and Oswald, the two founders of DOWL, a multidisciplinary consulting and engineering firm and since 1989, the two companies have operated as one company. In 2018, the two companies amicably separated and Alaska Testlab was relaunched as a small, Veteran and woman-owned business. Over the years, the mission has remained unchanged. Provide quality construction materials testing and inspection services in support of commercial construction projects working for owners, contractors, developers, and federal, state and municipal government clients.


Alaska Testlab is composed of three primary areas; inspection, laboratory testing, and field testing.

  • Inspection services include inspections identified in the International Building Code, as well as those identified by project plans, specifications and clients.
  • Laboratory testing of soils, aggregates, rock, concrete, masonry, asphalt, and geotechnical samples necessary for construction of varying elements.
  • Field testing consists of sampling, soil and asphalt density testing, and concrete, grout, and mortar testing.

We also provide specialty testing for clients. This testing includes:
  • Floor Flatness, Concrete Moisture Tests, Anchor Pull Tests, Ground Penetrating Radar, Gloss Measurements, Mix Designs, and Rebar Locates
Alaska Testlab was the first AASHTO accredited laboratory in Alaska and is also the largest. We operate under a belief of continual improvement.


Our technicians are qualified by Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction (WAQTC) and American Concrete Institute (ACI). All inspectors are qualified by the International Code Council (ICC) in multiple areas and licensed by the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA).

In addition to our full-time year round staff, our lab employs up to 30 inspectors and technicians during each construction season. Many of these personnel have been with Alaska Testlab (formerly DOWL) between 10 and 25 years. The breadth and depth of our staff experience is unique and gives us the resources necessary to handle the materials testing and inspection requirements for a variety of public and private construction projects. Our experienced inspectors, technicians, field supervisors, and registered civil engineers are dedicated to meet your needs.
All work on the project will be performed under the responsible charge of a professional civil engineer project manager.


The mission of Alaska Testlab is to be a regional leader and provide our clients with reliable state of the art construction materials testing and inspection services, with fast turnaround on testing, qualified personnel, accurate testing, technical knowledge and assistance as needed. 
Alaska Testlab will operate with integrity, trust, and on a continuous process of improvement.


Be the first choice for testing and inspection in the state by providing quality construction materials testing and inspection.  This can only be achieved through:

  • Providing cost-competitive, professional services which surpass the client’s expectations every time,
  • Proactive approach during construction
  • Encouraging personnel to continue professional development through financial reward, positivity, training, and teamwork
  • Maintaining a balance of growth, positive work environment, financial success, and market diversification