Alaska Testlab is the best choice for construction materials testing and inspection.


Alaska Testlab is led by two professional engineers with years of experience in construction, materials, and the arctic environment. In addition to materials testing and special inspection, we are able to provide other services listed below:

  • Concrete Mix Designs - 3000 to 8000-psi structural concrete throughout Alaska
  • Self-Consolidating Mix Designs
  • Lean Concrete Mixes
  • Sand Slurry Mix Designs
  • Shotcrete Mix Designs
  • Roller Compacted Concrete Mix Designs
  • Mix Design Verification
  • Asphalt Mix Designs
  • Grout Mix Designs
  • Batch Plant Operations
  • NRMCA Batch Plant Certification
  • Specification Review
  • Consulting for material selection, compatibility and acceptability
  • Pavement materials engineering
  • Construction management
  • Evaluating performance of materials including soils, concrete, masonry, and asphalt
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