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Maria Kampsen, PE


Alaska Testlab is owned by Maria E. Kampsen, PE. A veteran of the Army, Maria has been in the civil/geotechnical engineering and construction fields for over 25 years. She has worked all over the state on thousands of geotechnical and construction projects of all types and sizes.  Maria led the Construction Materials Testing and Inspection group under DOWL since 2009 before purchasing the group in 2018.  A licensed civil engineer, Maria is also WAQTC certified, ACI certified in Concrete Aggregates, Concrete Strength Testing, and Laboratory Testing, Level 1, is International Code Council (ICC) approved special inspector for soils, and is approved by the Municipality of Anchorage to provide special inspections for soils, piles and anchors.

David Andersen, PE

Senior Material Engineer

David has been providing leadership and technical expertise in the materials lab since 1994. A civil engineer, Dave has been the Assistant Laboratory Manager, the Laboratory Manager and is now the Senior Materials Engineer. He develops mix designs, prepares bids, manages testing and inspection projects, reviews specifications, and troubleshoots issues that develop in the field. Dave is well respected in the construction industry and is often called by owners and contractors to assist with construction issues. Dave is involved in every project where Alaska Testlab provides special inspection and testing services, including numerous projects all over the state.


Alaska Testlab is proudly home to the best Special Inspectors in the state. Highly respected in the industry for their integrity and knowledge, these ICC-certified professionals work with contractors and owners to ensure projects are constructed in accordance with the International Building Code, plans, specifications, and local requirements.

Our inspectors are experienced and knowledgeable in regards to construction practices, codes, and Alaskan conditions; some have been providing these services in Alaska for over 20 years. An experienced Inspector can be an asset on construction project by helping to maintain the project schedule. Minor non-conformance issues can often be resolved immediately with little to no delay. For more significant issues, it may be beneficial to have the special inspector directly interact with the structural engineer and municipal inspector to determine the most efficient and simplest resolution to keep the project moving. Quality comes with investment in people and a desire to be the best.


Our inspectors practice continual improvement with certifications, continuing education, seminars, conferences, and in house training. All of them hold multiple certifications from ICC and are most are certified by one or more of the following; ACI, WAQTC, MSHA, and CESCL. At Alaska Testlab, our goal is to see projects completed on time, on budget, the public’s safety addressed, and constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications. We do this by working collaboratively with all parties; owners, contractors, building officials, and the design team. We are proactive in finding solutions to issues and working towards a common goal.


Material technicians provide testing services both in the field and in the laboratory. Our technicians are trained in both arenas to ensure an understanding of materials, material behavior, and performance.

Technicians are involved in all facets of the construction process. In the field, they collect samples of materials before use, they perform density testing of soils and asphalt during construction, test concrete for air, slump, unit weight and conformance to the specifications. They make concrete cylinders to test for strength. They observe backfill operations for both proper materials and lift thicknesses. During paving, they work with the contractor to ensure the asphalt is placed properly and compacted to standards. In the laboratory, technicians verify material properties for comparison to standards. This is done on soils, aggregates, rock, concrete, masonry, grout, asphalt, and topsoil. To ensure quality our technicians are certified by ACI and WAQTC. Many of them are training to be inspectors and are licensed by the Municipality of Anchorage to provide inspections on at least one construction element.


For quality, dependability, knowledge, professionalism and experience, Alaska Testlab’s materials technicians are second to none.


Our dispatchers and administrators take care of all the behind the scenes operations. They are directing calls, scheduling technicians and inspectors, coordinating lab work, figuring out project logistics, handling accounts receivable and payable, and all other tasks that make ATL run like a well oiled machine.

Ashley and Amanda are available to take your calls with answers to any questions you may have.